Let’s dive into what this is! An E-File Provider is an authorized entity by the IRS to help taxpayers in electronically submitting their federal tax returns. Instead of submitting paper forms through traditional mail, individuals and businesses can use an E-file provider’s digital platform to transmit their tax documents and information directly to the IRS.… Read More

Want to be your accountant’s favorite client? (Well, even more than you are now, of course. Which is a lot. Trust us. We’ve asked.) The key is to take a bit of time now to start preparing for your tax return appointment, so your accountant has everything they need, when they need it, to complete… Read More

While “under a blanket on a cold winter day” isn’t the worst place to work, it’s a good idea to regularly assess your remote working environment—especially if you don’t have a full home office setup—to decide if anything needs an adjustment or upgrade. Here are four important points to consider:  Desk—Instead of working at the… Read More